Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Week 39 and 40


Week 37 and 38


Week 35 and 36

Sept.23 - 3.2
Sept.24 - 3.2
Sept.25 - 3.2
Sept.26 - 3.2
Sept.27 - 3.2
Sept.28 - 6.9
Sept.30 - 3.2
Oct.3 - 3.2

Week 35&36: 29.3 miles
Total: 278.07
Completed: 34.3%

This will be my last update from running outside. My asthma doesn't agree with taking in all the cold air when it is below 3 degrees-ish, so the move indoors is a must at this point.
I am fairly happen with where I am at right now, but I know that getting on the treadmill will be much more of a task for me. I guess my busy mind is easily distracted by passing cars, and not so much by brown walls.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Week 33 and 34

Nothing much new to see the last couple weeks, just a few more miles added to the trip. With the mornings getting colder and colder it has been increasingly tough to get the motivation to run early in the mornings. However, I still get out there as much as possible. It may be time to soon grease up the treadmill and move my run inside, but for now I will put up with the numb fingers... Which makes me wonder... Why don't I just wear a pair of gloves?! That might make things too simple.
I guess my major progress for this week was to run my 5k route in 23:35 (although it took me 26:57 the day after). I am happy with that time if I could now run it consistently.

T-minus 2 weeks for CIBC Run For The Cure! Next update should be after I get done at the event.

Sept.10 - 3.2
Sept.11 - 3.2
Sept.12 - 3.2
Sept.13 - 3.2
Sept.17 - 3.2
Sept.18 - 2.8
Sept.19 - 3.2
Sept.20 - 3.2

Week 33&34: 25.2 miles
Total: 248.77 miles
Completed: 30.7%

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Week 31 and 32

Why hello, Regina!
Aug.28 - 1.8
Aug.29 - 2.8
Sept.4 - 2.8
Sept.5 - 3.4
Sept.6 - 3.1
Sept.7 - 5.3

Week 31&32: 19.2 miles
Total: 223.57 miles
Completed: 27.6%

Over the last couple of weeks I have found myself biking a decent amount in addition to running. Much more intense than running, but still takes away from my total miles run.
I have also just started teaching (found out the night before I started that I actually got the job, talk about short notice). This has cut down on the amount I have been running, but it is only part time (afternoons) so I am still able to get an early morning run in before starting my planning.

Other than being so far behind from slacking over the summer, I am happy with my progress. I got my new Kinvara 3's broken in and started using them for my big run on sept.7 so the old ones have been retired to phys ed shoes at the school. 

Next goal for me... CIBC Run For The Cure on October 6th. My original goal was to run a 5k in the spring and a 10k in the fall. Seeing how I didn't get my 5k in yet, this is my chance to push myself. I'm running it in approx 26 minutes right now. By race day I want to be in the 24:30 area... Guess I got some work to do!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Overall Update

So this summer has been filled with twists and turns and everything inbetween. It seemed every time I was going to go for a run or update this blog something was coming up (and if it wasn't a twist or a turn, it was a big fat excuse!). Being away for weekends, being sick, being a lazy sloth, moving into a house... these are just a few of the excuses that were used this summer. 

In light of this, I figured instead of wasting time and making a post for each week that has past, I will do one collaborative post (seeing how some weeks only have one or even no runs in them).

April 27 - 3.78
May 4 - 3.00
May 5 - 2.68
May 6 - 3.00
May 7 - 3.00
May 10 - 3.00
May 13 - 3.00
May 19 - 4.38
May 22 - 4.06
May 23 - 4.06
May 25 - 4.06
May 27 - 2.19
May 28 - 4.06
June 3 - 4.06
June 4 - 2.14
June 5 - 4.06
June 6 - 2.14
June 8 - 2.16 
June 16 - 4.92
July 7 - 3.0
July 9 - 2.7
July 10 - 3.6
July 11 - 3.7
Aug 13 - 1.8
Aug 19 - 2.4
Aug 20 - 1.6
Aug 21 - 2.4
Aug 22 - 2.4
Aug 23 - 1.8
Aug 24 - 2.7
Aug 27 - 3.2

Total since my last post: 95.05 miles
Total to date: 204.37 miles
Completed: 25.2%

Now that everything is added up, it basically comes down to me having 18 weeks to run a total of 606 miles, which breaks down to about 34 miles per week.

Now unless I start running twice in a day, or nearly double what I have been running lately, this basically means I have thrown myself under the bus for making my overall goal. It will still be in the back of my mind as I run (everyday), but I will not focus on it as it is not possible with my current level.

Until next time... (which hopefully isn't months down the road)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

And the Slump Continues...

It's a little sad when Wapella is the highlight of the week

Date & Distance Ran:
Mar. 11 - 3.40 miles
Mar. 16 - 4.47 miles
Mar. 17 - 4.21 miles

Week 7: 12.08 miles
Total: 109.32 miles
Completed: 13.4%

Week 7 Measurements:
Weight: 201.2 lbs (-0.6lbs, -7.0lbs total)
Body Fat: 23.0% (+1.7%, -2.1% total)

These last few weeks have totally sucked. I just couldn't seem to get my sorry but onto the treadmill in the mornings before going school X to student teach, and by the time I got home I was too exhausted to even try.
I know something will change, and it will change starting Monday, March 18th, 2013!
I can't remember if I wrote it here or not, but I refuse to say tomorrow because tomorrow never comes.
Anyways, I have one week left to go before spring break, and I know spring break will be a write off for running because I will be at my cabin (although I will be getting my exercise on the ski hill and outside, it just won't be counting towards my distance). I will probably take my distances down a bit this week so I can cut my running time to 30 or 35 minutes instead of the 40 minutes I am doing now, and give myself one less excuse to not run.

Can't wait to get to the lake in a week! Woot Woot!